01. Marie Antoinette was guillotined during the French [Revolution].
02. The Americans won their liberty from the British in a [revolution].
03. The government has been successful in chasing the [revolutionaries] into the countryside.
04. Patricia Meyer Spacks once said that an artist is like an adolescent; a dreamer and a [revolutionary].
05. There is a Turkish proverb which states that one eats, and another watches; that's how [revolutions] are born.
06. Fidel Castro once said that a [revolution] is not a bed of roses; a [revolution] is a struggle to the death between the future and the past.
07. Since Neptune's discovery in 1846, it has made about three-quarters of one [revolution] around the sun.
08. A cosmic year lasts 225 million earth years. That's the amount of time it takes the sun to make one [revolution] around the center of the Milky Way galaxy.
09. The discoveries of Albert Einstein began a technological [revolution] that has generated more change in a century than in the previous two thousand years.
10. Originally a palace, the Louvre was made into a museum after the French [Revolution].
11. The computer is [revolutionizing] the world of work today with about the same impact the steam engine had 200 years ago.
12. Naomi Klein once remarked that those who have fought wars, and survived [revolutions] tend to be more protective of their national traditions.
13. Coretta Scott King once said that one of the most [revolutionary] changes in the 20th century was the rapid increase of women in leadership roles throughout society.
14. Johann Gutenberg started a technological [revolution] in 1455, with the printing of 200 Bibles.
15. In 1958, King Faisal of Iraq was publicly executed by [revolutionaries].
16. French artist Paul Gaugin once said that art is either plagiarism or [revolution].
17. Che Guevara is a [revolutionary] hero in much of Latin America.
18. The Russian [revolution] took place in 1917.
19. The use of robots has [revolutionized] the car industry.
20. New irrigation techniques have [revolutionized] agriculture in Israel.
21. DNA tests have [revolutionized] criminal investigations.
22. Henry Ford is credited with [revolutionizing] the automobile manufacturing business with his development of the car assembly line.
23. In the early 1900s, the use of trains [revolutionized] supply methods for modern armies.

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